Your calendar must be completely updated, as it is the distribution base for all sales channels. Some changes can be necessary before proceeding with the connection - check the calendar's behavior according to the type of reservation:

Reservations via Airbnb, Booking and Expedia

For reservations via Airbnb, the calendar imports current reservations, future reservations and history of up to one year. For Booking, future reservations are imported during the listing's connection process with Stays.

For Expedia, the importation of these future reservations are also possible if they follow these conditions: 

- The reservation was not previously notified by email; 

- The reservation was not previously synced by another channel manager.

Reservations via partners and other sales channels

If your partners have compatible calendars to send information, it is possible to receive reservations from an iCal connection. In this process, reservations arrive as blocks and you are able to modify them into reservations via Stays calendar. Learn how to modify blocks into reservations.

Direct sales

It is common to have partners with a volume of reservations made directly with guests (not via sales channels) or some events that prevent reservations, such as maintenance or owners block. In this case, it is necessary to enter information manually on the Stays calendar before proceeding with the connections.

With Airbnb connection, reservations in progress do not get into calendars during the connection, however remember to add them manually in the listings on other sales channels.

Checklist of actions for your direct sales

Check the necessary actions to update calendars with your direct sales.

Inclusion of reservations made without sales channelsIf you have sales made directly with the guest or in channels that do not import reservations to Stays, it is necessary to create reservations before connecting!SEE DETAILS
Inclusion of blocks in the Stays calendarsExcept for Airbnb, if you have blocked periods for reservations in your listings on other channels, you must provide this information to Stays before connecting.
We will only import reservations from compatible channels, blocks will not be imported.
Inclusion of a large volume of reservations without sales channelsIf you have a lot of reservations made directly with guests or on channels without importing reservations to Stays, you can send us a chart with reservations to to speed up the creation process.SEE DETAILS