In the description editing area of listings, you have a series of fields integrated to the sales channels, with more relevant information to the general public or your team, however it is common that some places have specific registration demands and because of that we have the possibility to create new registration fields via Stays settings!

Here are some examples of extra fields created by our users:
- Space to insert the Wi-Fi password of the listing;
- Space to indicate the voltage of the outlets to the guests;
- Manual passwords management to eletronic locks

Check below the setting steps about these aditional fields:

1Register the additional fields
To add registration fields, simply access [Settings > General Settings > Listing additional fields] menu.
2Insert the information in the listingsThe fields that are created are in your listings [Content > Descriptive Content] tab.
3Edit your email templatesThe variable being created with the field, simply insert it in the email templates you want, via the [Websites & Templates manager > Templates > Email Templates] menu.
Remember that this information is only for internal use on the listings screen and also for communication via email to guests, owners and your team.
There is no integration between this feature and your website or Sales Channel!

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