The main function of the field is to capture data to measure through which channels your brand is being known in the market.

This will help you design better marketing campaigns, such as promo codes dedicated to a specific channel and planning advertising investments.

The content you set up for this field will be visible in the following areas of your

Requests form on your websiteIn the areas of the website where guests can register doubts, the standard form has the [How did you find us?] field.
It is in this field that the leads sources you configured are found.
Multistays offers made through the websiteDuring the consultation for listings, in periods of high volume of reservations, will be able to offer the guest the option of staying in different units throughout the period.
To start this process, the guest will need to validate the offer to register interest and one of the fields of this validation would be the preferred communication channel for your approaches.
Request managerNext to each registered request there will be an indicator of the lead source.
In the example on the side, the black arrow indicates the lead source and the red highlight shows that if the partner is related to the lead source the filling is automatic.
The end result of these adjustments is a more accurate indicator in your statistics on the reservation requests.

For the interfaces presented on the website, you can change the field name according to your preferences.
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