Taxonomy is a common feature used on web pages to improve users' navigation to website content.
The main idea is to work on the following model:

Main Subject > Category > Subcategories

In the context of your website the taxonomy is applied as an organized way to present your portfolio of listings.

Here are some frequently asked questions and our answers to help you in the usage of the website's taxonomy:

How to enable the taxonomy in the App Center??To enable taxonomy, go to [App Center > Others > Taxonomy] and mark [Active].SEE DETAILS
How to configure my taxonomy in the editor?To configure your taxonomy, access [Website & Template Manager > Auxiliaries > Taxonomy]. In this screen, find the item you want to configure and click on the arrow at the side. This action will open several edition options.
Note: Remember to save the changes made at the end.
How to apply my taxonomy on the website?In the website editor, in the hotsites module, you will find the blocks created and you will have the option to add the block.SEE DETAILS