Upon configuring a payment channel compatible with bank slips, your guest will be able to generate a bank slip through the website during the booking process.

Although there are alerts on the screen to reinforce the need for payment on time, Stays.net also triggers an email in order to reinforce the reminder and the generated bank slip link.

The content of the message generated to the guests follows the template below:

Subject: [Name of your business] | Your bank slip - There is little left to confirm your booking!

Hi, [full name of the guest],

We have seen that you want to book lodging [public name of the listing] to the period of [check-in date] to [check-out date] and wishes to pay through bank slip.

We will keep your order on our calendar until the expiration date of the bank slip, so be sure to make the payment on time!

To generate your bank slip, click on the link below:


We are ready to welcome you here at [lodging city name]!

If you need help with the payment process, contact us by the phone [your business phone] and inform us your booking code:

Your booking code is [booking code].


[name of your business]

To edit the content of this default email, simply go to the [Website & Template Manager > Templates > E-mail Templates] menu and choose the reservation conf. boleto template.

It is important to be careful when editing the link GENERATE BANK SLIP, as it is composed of the variable {{boleto_url}}, that makes your guests receive the correct link from the bank slip generated in the booking.