When making a reservation on your website or through the Reservation Center menu, the guest will have the option to request the cancellation of the reservation from their panel.

From that request, Stays.net generates an email to the guest in order to confirm the receipt of the order and, at the same time, send to your reservation center menu, to notify about the activity and help in the management of this request.

By default, Stays.net generates the email with the content below:

Subject: [Name of your business] | We received your request to cancel the reservation [reservation code]

Hi, [first name of the guest],

We received your request to cancel the reservation of the listing [public name of the listing] on the period of [check-in date] to [check-out date].

We will contact you shortly to confirm your request.


[name of your business]

To edit the content of this default email, simply go to the [Website & Template Manager > Templates > E-mail Templates] menu and choose the guest cancel reservation request template.