The [Owner Statements] screen has its items generated from routines related to the forwarding of reservations.

Check below how each item is generated in the screen:

CreditThey occur more often when you post the forwardings of reservations to the owners, but it is also possible to be a posting made through your payable accounts routine, [Pay the owner] option or receipt routine, [Receive a payment and share with owner] option.SEE DETAILS
DebitIt happens when you post payable accounts of the [Pay a bill on behalf of the owner] type or [Share a bill with the owner].
BalanceIt happens when you set up a balance to pay to the owner in the screen [Owner Statements].
This serves to represent the payable account present in your cash to pay the owner and deduct their balance for the next cycles.
Feature available only in the Agency plan!

In the Administrator plan, both the posting of the debit transactions to the owners and the closing of forwarding cycles are done from the [Owner Statements] screen.

To post expenses, just click on the [New Transaction] button, then [Payment] and choose one of the options mentioned in the table.

About the owner's balance, just post a transaction of the [Pay a bill on behalf of the owner] type where your finance sector will pay the amount and the owner's balance will be decreased.