is compatible with different business models and can be used by listing owners as well as listings managers, which is the reality of most of our partners today.

There are also cases where the company has a hybrid model, that is, it owns part of the listings and only manages another part of the portfolio.

Configuring your business model

The business model settings are done from the [Settings > General Settings > Business Model] menu.

Just select the option that best aligns to your business and save the changes made at the top right of the screen:

Listings with different business model

If there is variation in the business model per listing, just check the [Hybrid] option on your Stays general settings.
This will make your listings have the option to set the model on the [Finance > Contract settings] tab, like the example below:

By choosing [Yes], it indicates that you have to account to the owner of the listing, that is, you only manage the listing, while the [No] option indicates that there is no accountability to the owners.

Now that you already know how to configure the business model of your listings, how about seeing other related subjects?