If you use Stays.net cleaning task dashboard, you may have already come across a "little hands" icon up or down in the task, just like in the example below:

How are these icons generated?The "little hands" icons are generated from the resolution of the check-out tasks.
The person in charge will have the field [Cleaning Condition] to indicate whether the listing is nearly clean or just needs a routine cleaning, or whether a reinforcement is needed.
What is the function of this feature?This feature is for additional control to the person resposible for delegating the cleaning tasks to the team.
Many business follow the pattern of distributing staff in a fixed way according to the size of the listing, and this can often cause employees to lose productivity.
The main idea of the feature is to make the distribution of tasks according to the complexity of the cleaning and not only by the size of the listings.

Now that you already know what the "little hands" icon on your tasks means, how about taking a look at other related subjects?