Being evaluated by guests increases the credibility of your listings and helps you to get more reservations. Stays allows you to set up the automatic triggering of requests. See below the content of the default email:

Subject: [Name of your business] | How was your stay with us in [listing city]?

Hi, [first name of the guest],

We hope that your stay in our listing [public name of your listing] on the period of [check-in date] to [checkout date] has been excellent and that we can welcome you again.

In order to improve our services and share your experiences with other travelers, we would like to ask you a few minutes to evaluate your listing and leave your comments. Just click on the button below:


We thank you in advance for choosing us for your stay in [listing city]!


[name of your business]

To edit the contents of this default email, simply go to the [Catalog > Email Templates] menu and choose the reservation request review template. It is extremely important that you keep the variable {{feedback_href}} on the content of the email, as it is from there that the link to the form will be generated.