counts on a default email template for cases where the reservation has not been confirmed. 

There are 3 situations that can generate this email template:

Guest initiates the reservation process on the website, but does not make the payment.SEE DETAILS
Direct sales by your team where the guest will still make the payment within a deadline.SEE DETAILS
First email to the guest that makes the reservation through sales channel.
In this case, you can disable the automatic triggering of the email or set up a personalized email for the sales channel.

See below the default content of the email:

Subject: [name of your business] | Confirm your reservation with us!

Hi, [full name of the guest],

We verified that there is a reservation to confirm for our listing [public name of the listing], on the period of [check-in date] to [check-out date], in the total amount of [total reservation amount].

Your pre-reservation will need to be confirmed by [reservation expiration period] and, according to our reservation guarantee policy, the payment of [amount charged to guarantee the reservation].

If you are having difficulty with the payment, please contact us at [your business contact phone] and inform us of your pre-reservation code.

Your pre-reservation code is [reservation code].

It will be a pleasure to welcome you in [listing city name]!


[name of your business]

To edit the default content of this email, select the guest reservation incomplete email template on the email templates area.