The first step for you to familiarize yourself with Flipkey, a company of the TripAdvisor group, is to know a bit more about channel advantages and other information.

Our Support team can help you start the connection process!

Ask us to assist you in starting your partnership with Flipkey and we will forward a bridge email between you and the channel sales team.

From there, you will have to follow the bureaucratic procedures of the channel (ex: contract signature, documents etc) to arrive at the part of the connection.

How does the connection work?

Connecting to Flipkey involves submitting pricing and channel availability, as well as your primary list information, such as address, content related to the business name and description, amenities, and other information if you wish.

Regarding availability, we send the Stays calendar to the FlipKey however it is important to note that in their case, there is no Import of Reservations, so Reservations closed by there need to be manually entered by you in the Stays calendar!

Regarding the tariffs, we must pay attention to the fact that the channel only works in Euros or US Dollars so in this case, we will define in which of the currencies their prices will be converted before sending to the channel. In addition, it is important to note that FlipKey applies a rate above its value up to the sale to the guest, so in case you need to check the prices, the base should always be your price panel from there!

Choosing the accommodation to connect to the channel

During your signup process with Flipkey, you can do some actions at to expedite the process:

  • Set your Flipkey channel on;
    This is important so that when it comes time to submit technical information, is already behaving properly.
    learn how to configure here ...
  • Choose what accommodations you want to create on FlipKey;
    Select your lists that will be created there on your FlipKey portal!
    To do this, go to [Channels & Tools> Channels> Flipkey], [Inventory Items] tab, and click [Not Linked].

The Final Connection Process

After you have gone through the bureaucratic steps of Flipkey and have already done the steps of channel configuration and choice of accommodations, our team will send to Flipkey a technical information called "xml feeds", which is always requested by Flipkey.

From this submission, FlipKey will work on the insertion of the lists, and when it's ready, you simply review the final content there on your FlipKey portal.

The confirmation of finishing the list creation process comes via an email from Flipkey.