Once you've set up your Flipkey channel on stays.net, it's time to move on to create your lists on your FlipKey account.

In this case, we will need your FlipKey Account ID (or TripAdvisor) to send to their team and thus begin the integration process.

From there you will go through some bureaucratic processes with them to make the connection viable, so in the meantime it is important that at stays.net the lists to be created on Flipkey are properly enabled to connect.

To select the lists, go to the [Channels & Tools> Channels> Flipkey] screen on the [Inventory Items] tab.

Just click on the word [Not Linked] and confirm the connection action, as indicated below:

From there, it is important that you work with us to monitor progress and, if necessary, strengthen contacts with Flipkey.

The final goal is to send 03 links (xml feeds) to the FlipKey team to do the technical integration. This is done by our Support Team, after the request of Flipkey, so it is important to have the channel already configured in stays.net and the accommodations to be connected already selected.

After the lists are created, it's also important that you review the content on the FlipKey portal to ensure the quality of your lists.