Before you begin the process of connecting your accommodations with Flipkey, you need to prepare the channel within

Within [Channels & Tools> Channels> Flipkey], in the [Configuration] tab you can adjust some information:

Do you want to apply a % on the value of your stays?

It will be possible to tell the system to add a value on top of their daily rates before sending the tariffs to Flipkey.

You will pay 3% for Flipkey with each reservation made, but remember that the rates will be sent in dollars or euro and Flipkey will charge between 8 and 16% of the amount to get the amount charged to the guest.

See more details about the "booking fee" in the link below:

I want to see more about the Booking Fee from Flipkey!

What is the default currency that your prices will be transmitted?

Flipkey is a channel that works only with US dollars or euros, so make your decision!

You can also place a setting for each list.

The value will be converted by before your channel is sent to the channel.

Do you want to charge your additional fees on FlipKey?

By checking "Yes", we will send in the connection the sum of your additional fees charged to guests for the channel.

Before making this decision, it is important to mention that the Flipkey commission (3% on the commissioning model) is calculated over the total value of the Reserves, so the value of the fees would go into the calculation as well!

Turn on your channel's engine!

Check "Yes" in the Enable Scheduler option. This will cause, when the Flipkey releases the connection of your lists, will be ready and available for syncing the information too!

Now that you know about channel settings, here are more details on the channel connection process!

How to connect with Flipkey?