Just like the other compatible sales channels on Stays.net, first of all your accommodations must meet the following criteria:

  • Have registered accommodations at stays
    Even if you already have lists already registered on the channel you need to register your accommodations on your system!
    see more details here!
  • Pricing Rules for at least the next 12 months
    see more details here!
  • The price of the daily prices already defined in the Price Rules
    see more details here!

If you are ok with all conditions, we can go to next steps of the process.

Important: You need to have at least 05 accommodations with individual kitchen to be accepted by Flipkey team for this connection.conexão.  

What is your business relationship with Flipkey (or TripAdvisor group)?

I already have account and lists already actived with them

I already have an account, but I have not created lists there yet

I have no account with them yet.