Before you begin the process of connecting your list with Expedia, it's important to make sure your lists are already properly aligned on their portal and that your channel is set up correctly on

For more information, check the links below:

List alignments on Expedia portal

Setting up the Expedia channel on

Once you've confirmed the steps prior to the connection process and your lists are ready, simply follow the path below to connect your accommodations with Expedia:

  1. Go to [Channels & Tools> Channels> Expedia];
  2. Select your accommodation;
  3. Select the option "Link" in the rigth side of the screen;
    Important: To proceed in connect your lists, make sure you have correctly done the process of creating a list on Expedia, and have all the necessary information of it. 
  4. Keep on the process by entering the required information;
  5. After this, select the option Calendars, to sync your list's calendar

  6. You can check if your availability was correctly imported by checking your accommodation calendar;
  7. It also important to sync your rates and restrictions. To do that, go to [Other Features> Price and Availability Manager] and click on "Update now" for all options.
    Remember to choose a list and a period.
    You can select a period of less than 2 years. Remember that it is recommend to always keep your tariffs updated for the next 18 months.