To link your existing listings on Expedia with the products registered on, just follow the steps below in the [Channel Managers > Expedia] menu of your

1Link the Expedia hotel to Stays
In the [Listings] tab, find the desired product and click on [Connect] in the upper part of the screen.
Proceed to Connect to an existing hotel on Expedia site and enter the Expedia Hotel ID and save changes.
2Link the ID of the rooms to your listings
Just below, you will have the list of your Stays listings and the ideal is that each one of them is linked to an Expedia ID, except in cases where you work with Room Categories, where only the parents should be linked!
3Check the result on the Expedia portal
After a few minutes, your listing should be with the prices and calendars properly updated based on what is registered in Stays.
It is recommendable to verify if the information arrived correctly in your Expedia portal by the end of the process!
When connecting the listing with Expedia, the rate plans are already sent automatically after the established connection.

Now that you already know how to link your listings to Expedia and how to check the final result on your channel extranet, how about checking out other related subjects?