Setting up before connecting with Expedia is a essential step, because in the content connection between the platforms a lot of useful information will be sent such as cancellation policies, fee collection and others.

What you find in this article

Where do I make the connection settings on Stays?

To set your Expedia connection on you channel manager, go to the [Channel Managers > Expedia] menu and select the Settings option, like in the example below:

What can I set on each tab?

To help you browse trough the pannels, check the tips on the table below:

ReservationYou can set the booking commercial status between booked and pre booked.
This is important to organize your guest billing routine (standard model in listings in Brazil) or indicate Stays if your booking will be charged by the channel.
UserFrom the Administrator plan you can create more users on your, on this area you can indicate a booking agent responsible for getting the Expedia bookings that come.
This will help you delegate responsability to your team in an automatic way.
FinanceOn this section, it is important to set the currency we should use to send your rate plans to the channel, the accounting relation of the channel's commission with your finance indicators (Administrator and Agency plan) and finally, the price correction to the channel, that is the main configuration in the section.
For more details, check the link on the side!
Communication with GuestsEnable the automatic email triggering for new Expedia bookings that get to your Stays!
Remember that you can set a custom communication to the main emails according to the sales channel in which the reservation was booked!
Cancellation Policies
Link your cancellation policy models to the compatible ones on Expedia.
Remember that the channel's policy model will prevail on bookings made via Expedia!
Fees & Taxes
You must link your additional fees to the SERVICE_FEE.
When linking more than one fee to this Expedia option, the amounts will be summed and presented as an only fee to the custumers.

Now that you already know the settings needed for the connection with Expedia, how about checking out other related subjects?