By internal determinations of the Expedia Group, the register of new partners into the platform is conditioned to the number os listings in the same address: if you have more than 1 listing in the same address, you will be able to register your location into the portal and commercialize the listings as rooms at this establishment.

You must fill in the form below. following the main instructions below:


Check the "Lodging" option to start the registration.
It is necessary to have at least 2 units in the address to proceed!
In the "Tell us a little about your property" tab, put the name and type of your address and the number os listings of this address.
Do not forget to indicate that it is connected to a Channel Manager and that it is not a part of a hotel network.
Fill in your contact information and wait for an Expedia email to proceed the registration
The email has "Convite para incluir..." subject and you must click on "Começar ainda hoje", that is the main button of the email in which it is possible to change the login password on the platform
Proceed to finish the regisration on the extranet by following the steps
Configure your policies and finish the registration of the listing based on the Expedia instructions
Despite Stays and Expedia have content connection, cancellation policies and derived prices, the cleaning fee and the listings' photos are not sent. However, make sure to configure this information in your Expedia panel!
Another important point is the registration of rate plans on Expedia!
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After finishing the registration of your listings and rates plans in the Expedia portal, it is time to link your listings to!