Do you know what the Expedia group is?

Although by name in a first moment it is not as remembered as Booking or AirBnB, Expedia group is a conglomerate of brands that can help you get more Reservations and one of the brands, among several of the group, it is Trivago that has been gaining prominence among new travelers. In addition, there are some brands already consolidated such as, AirAsia among others.

Expedia has some restrictions to accept new listings according bedroom numbers. In case your listings are out of the range, Expedia can redirect you to another brand of them according your profile.

Now that you know a little bit more about Expedia, click in the link below to Sign in with them!

Sign in with Expedia

During the registration process with the channel, pass as much information about your business to the Expedia Team as you can correctly register your settings.

Important information in this process:

  • What are the minimum stays you use in your Pricing Rules?
  • Does your daily rate change according to the number of guests (Derived Prices)?
  • Do you have multiple accommodations in the same address and want to market them in the same list?
  • What are your Cancellation Policies and the additional fees that you charge in the stay?

You'll have Expedia Team training on their Extranet, and at the same time you can already set up the channel on to connect your lists.

How can I set Expedia Channel at Stays?