For a connection without surprises, it is important that before linking your Stays listings to Airbnb, you indicate on Stays some information that will be considered during the connection. 

Remember that as Airbnb will be the intermediary for reservations, some of your settings will be adapted to the existing models in the channel.

You can find the Airbnb channel settings panel through the way below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers > Airbnb] menu;
  2. Select the [Settings] tab at the left side.

When you arrive on the screen, you will have some configuration blocks with screen instructions to help you with the adjustments.

Check the main settings to be done in the table below:

Import reservationsIn the [Reservation Settings] section, you will be able to set the commercial status of the reservationsThis will help you in the organization of the reservation and bookings menu routine.
User responsible for the reservations
In the section [User], it is possible to set the agent responsible for the reservations of the channel, if necessary.

Sending pricesIn the [Finance] section, it is possible to set how your price will be differentiated to the channel, the default currency of your listings and the receipts behavior and expenses of the Airbnb transactions in your financial panel.
Vertical rate groups

In the [Vertical Rate Groups Settings] section, you will be able to set whether you want to connect your listings as a room category on Airbnb or whether you want to keep the units individualized in the channel.
This setting will only take effect on "room categories" listing of!
Communication with the guestIn the section [Communication with Guests], it is possible to indicate if you want the system to shoot e-mails to notify your guest about last minute reservation, pre reservation and reservation confirmation.

Cancellation policiesIn the [Cancellation Policies Settings] section, you must relate your policies registered on Stays with the Airbnb models, as they are the ones who prevail in the bookings.
In addition, it is possible to offer special conditions to the guests who choose the non-refundable option of your policies!
Additional feesIn the [Link Your Stays Fees to the OTA Fees] section, it is possible to list what each additional charge of your Stays is on the Airbnb side.
Check if the fee meets the Airbnb policies and remember that some fees will be hidden in the daily rates amount or will have other behaviors.

Once you have finished these adjustments, the next step is creating or linking your listings between e Airbnb!