When using an address with multiple units, you will be on the radar of reservations with a greater number of people (groups) in Booking consultations, in addition to having greater ease in relation to the registration of units, since the information related to the address, shared spaces, services and surroundings will not need to be re-registered at each listing in your location.

Linking the listing to the existing address

If you have multiple listings at the same address and you have already created the address to allocate these units to it, just do the following steps:

  1. Access your listing page;
  2. On the [Content] tab, choose the [Location] option;
  3. Select the [Link to Existing] option;
  4. Choose your desired address;
  5. Enter the complementary information (e.g. apt. no., house no., etc.);
  6. Save the changes made at the top right of the screen.
If you have inserted photos in the surroundings of the listing, put the images within the rooms if you want to keep them, as the surroundings will receive the content of the address with multiple units chosen.
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Effects in relation to the connection of the listings

By doing this action, you indicate that the listing is linked to a larger space that has other units, so when connecting your listings, you will have the units grouped together for the connection, on channels compatible with this structure:

If your listings are already commercialized on Booking and Expedia in the single listings model, that is, each one having a separate registration in the channels, it is necessary to verify the reallocation of your reservations to the new structure.
Let our team know and we will help you with more details about it!

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