During the registration of your Price Rules, there is an additional option called [Monthly Rate] and by checking [Yes] you activate the feature for your Season in question.

It serves to add a rate line aimed to an audience for longer stays (e.g: digital nomads) in your reservations made through website or in direct sales.

For more details on the tool, check the table below:

How does the Monthly Rate work?
After you set the amount for the Monthly Rate, the system will divide the amount charged for the month by the lowest daily rate to indicate the minimum number of nights for this period.SEE DETAILS
How is the Monthly Rate set ?
The applied prices will follow two different parameters, taking into consideration reservations between the minimum number of nights monthly and the length of the month or reservations above the minimum number of nights and longer than the length of the month.SEE DETAILS
How to set the default month duration for the Monthly Rate?
It is possible to set the month duration through the [Settings > General Settings > Pricing > How many days do you count in a month?] menu.