As you may have already seen on our blog, a tip to give more credibility to the website is to be active on social networks and, based on that, it is also important to simplify the users' browsing process.

In this regard, a good tip is the reservation button available on Facebook.

Generating the link to put on the Facebook button

To offer Facebook users a reservation page on your website, we recommend pointing the button to the main page of your Stays website, since there they will be able to filter by date of stay, number of guests and other criteria. 

From there, they will have a simple and objective browsing to complete the online reservation process.

It is just important to note that if your Stays website is a subdomain of your website, it points to the page where the reservation process begins. 

Here is an example below:

Creating the reservation button on Facebook

After creating your page on Facebook, it is important to optimize users' browsing process and present them with an option to redirect to your website in order to turn into an online reservation.

To do this, just follow a few steps:

  1. Access your Facebook page;
  2. Just below the cover image, click on [+ Add action button];
  3. In the window that will open, select the [Shop on website] option;
  4. It is time to paste your website link in the field below!;
  5. Click on [Save] to complete the process!

Important: When you finish the button creation process, it is possible to test it (recommended). To do this, just click to edit your new reservation button and select the [Test Button] option.

If you want more details about the creation of buttons on Facebook pages, be sure to see the official version of Facebook at the link below: