Our tool offers a Tourism module that is aimed at users who want to enrich the content of the site, bringing local tourist information, services marketed by the company (eg tours) or activities in the region.

The main goal of the tool is simple: to generate more content and become another page where visitors to your site can reach.

How do I enable the Tourism tool?

To enable the tool on your system, simply go to [Catalog> Settings> General Settings].

Upon reaching the screen, there is a section called "Tools". Just locate and check "Yes" in the [Tourism and Attractions] option.

Registering Tourism Categories

Before starting the registration of the attractions and tourist activities, the ideal is to register the categories of activities.
These will serve as activity classifications for site users, as the example below:

To set up your Tourism Categories, simply go to [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Translations].
When you get to the screen, adjust the terms in the [Tourism Categories] section.

How to register the Attractions?

Once you have enabled the Tourism module and have adjusted the categories of tourist activities, it is time to put the attractions!
To do this, go to [Accommodations> Tourism] and click on the [Add Attraction] button.

You will arrive in a simple configuration screen, where you can place a main image and the title and description of the attraction, in all the active languages of the system. At the end of the edit be sure to check "Yes" in the [Visible] field and save the changes made.

After the initial registration of the attraction has been made, you can expand the information about it!

  • SEO: Put the content that will help the Internet search pages to identify what your content is about;
    The idea is to make your attraction a page aligned with the search of the internet users about the place and so, who knows, you get guests via this page?

  • Address;

  • Planning: You can tell users about activity information, such as ticket amount, opening hours and duration.
    If you sell tours to the place, it is convenient to leave the value blank, as this encourages the user to seek more information with his or her team.

  • Categories: Which category of attractions does this activity belong to?
    Remember that Tourism Categories must be previously registered in the system!

Once you have made the changes, this would be the result on your web page:


Can I sell tours through my site?

Not until now. This page is only an additional content of the site so it is best to put in the description that your business does tours to the site and encourage the user to contact your Team!

How can I charge for tours contracted by my guest?

First, register your attractions within [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Extra Services].

Then, simply add the service on the Reservation Page in question and the amount will already be included in the guest's invoice.

Besides the attractions of Tourism, can I edit SEO in other areas of the system?

Yes. You can edit SEO in a number of areas, such as with each ad, for example.

To see more information, click the button below:


How do I edit the name of the site menu that shows my tourist attractions?

To edit the site's Tourism menu name, simply go to [Website & Template Manager> CMS> Topmenu].
When you get to the page, one of the options is called "Rio". Just click the "Edit" button and put what you want in all the languages of your system.