In Template Manager you can check out some important components of your site such as the main site images, footer, and other components of your pages. See in practice how this process is done.

The way to edit content

To edit the contents of the main parts of the site, the path is similar for all routines. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to [Websites & Templates Manager> Templates> Template Management];
  2. Locate the template you want to edit on the left;
  3. When clicking on the template, there will be a code page and a tab called "Content";
  4. Click "Content" and make any changes you want.

It's important to mention that our design team assembles the layout structure and the variables and you just need to put the contents of the variables. 

To see better in practice, let's look at some examples:

How to edit the initial photos of the site?

To edit the main images of your site, just go to the ShowCaseCarousel template, choose the "Content" option and then put the images via the [Select] button.

Do not forget to save changes!

The footer of your site

Footer is the bottom area of the site that is usually used to describe your Company, provide contact numbers and other information.To give a notion, we separate here an example of our client Rio Habitat:

To edit your own, once you have completed the ideas form for editing your site, our designer will assemble a structure and you should only place the content. In this case, just go to the template footer, click the Translate button, enter your contents and save.

Do not forget to save your changes not only in the content change, but the template in general through the button located to the right side of the page, at the top.


I tryed to put images in the template, but I did not have any files. Why? 

You need to put all the images you will use into templates within [Catalog> Media Manager]. This is where you manage the files.

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