Through the "Reservation Calendar" option of the Owner's Extranet it is possible to access the Reservations made in order to obtain details of the Reservations and also, mainly, to avoid overbookings between Guest Reserves and personal uses of the Owner.

From this process, you can make available - or not - some details about the Reserves in question.

The status of Reservations in the Owner's Calendar

One of the key concepts to be observed when viewing the Owner's Calendar is the status that a Reserve may have. This status is directly related to the Transfers of Reserve routine and not to the guest's purchase process.

  • Reservations to Confirm
    These Reserves will be displayed in yellow in the Owner's Calendar. While in your Guest Calendar it means that it is a Pre-Reservation, in the Owner's Calendar it means that it is a System Reserve where it is not yet confirmed, in relation to the Transfer. In other words, you have not yet started the Reserve Transfer process. In these cases, the Owner will not yet have access to any information on amounts receivable in respect of the Reserve.

  • Reservations with Transfer in Progress
    These Reserves will be displayed in blue in the Owner's Calendar.
    This means that you have confirmed the Transfer of this Reserve and there are still credits to be posted to the Owner.
    From there, your Owner can click on the Reserve and access some information, mainly the value that he will receive for it.

  • Reservations with Full Transfer
    These Reserves will be displayed in green in the Owner's Calendar.
    This means that all credits relating to the Reserve have already been posted in the Reserve Transfer routine.

It is important to note that the Owner's Extranet has more resources to control receivables from the Owner and the main use of this screen, as we have said previously, is to ensure that the Owner does not make personal use of the accommodation during a Reserve of a guest.

Managing Owner Info Available in Calendar

Reservation Information

By default the system will display some basic information about the Reserve, such as check-in and check-out dates, but there are other options that you can configure according to your transparency policy with Owners, such as the sales channel through which the Reservation was closed, the name of the guest and his commission collected in the Reserve.

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Option to show Future Owner Reservations

If you would like to restrict your Owners in relation to viewing Future Reservations in the accommodation, you can do so within the accommodation settings.
When you access the Accommodation Page, simply go to the "Contract Settings" section and disable the option that shows Future Reserves to the Owner:


Is it possible for me to disable the Owner's access to any details about the Reserve in his Calendar?
Yes. In this case you need to disable the "landlord.front.prices" permission of the Owner user role (= owner or = landlord) on your system.
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What actions can the Owner make in his Calendar on the site?
By default he can make requests through messages, locks for your own use or even ask you to make Guest Promotions if it works with fixed prices with you.