One of the payment channels compatible with our system is PayPal, a channel used in many parts of the world and simple to use.

To summarize the operation of the platform, you can create accounts in the channel and after validating the credit card data, make purchases and some banking operations with a few clicks.

Stays Integration with PayPal

By proceeding with PayPal, you can count on us to have an additional payment option integrated into your site. With the checkout tool integrated into our system, after setting up the channel, your guests can be redirected to the PayPal page to make the payment of the Reserve and then return to your site normally to check other information about the Reserve.

This is a payment tool used by approximately 180 million people around the world and can greatly assist you in receiving payments from international guests.

What transactions does PayPal accept?

PayPal is a predominantly used channel for credit card transactions in installments of up to 12 times. These adjustments are made in conjunction with the PayPal Team when setting up your account with them.

How can I create a PayPal account?

To be able to connect your Stays website with PayPal, you must have a business account with PayPal.
It will be crucial for you using a business account so it will be able to receive online payments.

What information do I need from PayPal to make the connection with Stays?

As you may have seen, on all of our supported payment channels there is some channel-specific information that we must enter into the system to enable the connection. In the case of PayPal, we will need 03 information: user, password and signature.
These info you can get through PayPal portal.

By collecting this technical information from your account, you can proceed to enable the Payment Channel on your Stays system!
Check how to do it in the link below:



With PayPal will I be able to receive typed sales on the system?
No. PayPal is a channel that redirects the user to their portal, so only the guest can make the payments. A good practice to use with the channel is to use the Payment Links tool.
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Will I have to add payments received on the Reservation Page in transactions via PayPal on my site?
No. Once confirmed by PayPal, the system will add the payment to the Reserve within an average range of up to 20 minutes after the transaction is completed. Accepted transactions made via credit card at system will be registered automatically at Reservation Page and Ledger, as a confirmed payment.