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It is very common in certain regions to vary the price of the daily rates according to the day of the week when the guest will check in or stay overnight. We can see this in coastal locations where, for example, from Friday the rates are more expensive or, conversely, in large business centers the weekend rates are much lower than weekdays.

How do I enable Weekend Rates on my system?

Access the path below and make your choice:

  1. Go to [Catalog> Settings> Reservations Settings];
  2. Locate the [Weekend Rates] option;
  3. Choose the desired options;
    Enable: Each Season and Event will have the space to configure the rate and the configuration applies to all ads from the same Tariff Region.
    Each list has a standard: You can adjust the setting for each ad independently. The setting will be available in the Price Setting area of each accommodation.

  4. Do not forget to save on the left side of the screen after your decision!

After making this adjustment, simply make your adjustments in the corresponding screens of the system. To know more click on the link below:

Click here to find out how to set up your Rates!


I do not work with that type of fee and I do not even want to work. How do I not see this setting?
Very simple! Just keep the two configuration boxes unchecked.

Do these weekend rates go to the Sales Channels?
Yes, we normally transmit this to the Channels where we have a price connection.