To help you in the process of expanding your portfolio, there is a serie of strategies to encourage the arrival of new Owners interested in partnership.

See below some valid points for this process:

What are the starting points for this process?

To start your process of expanding your portfolio and the opening up to new partnerships, it is important to start with basic issues, such as a good personal presentation, good support and a well-structured website.

On the blog there are some valid tips for this first step.

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Provide an area dedicated to new Owners on your website

When using your website you have a business card of your brand, therefore it is important that your page has a specific area to Owners interested in partnering with your business.

On the panel you will be able to capture the contact information of the Owners and they will also be able to register the main information of the listings.

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Be fast and transparent when handling partnership requests

When opening an additional channel for the arrival of Owners interested in partnership, it is important to note that it will be necessary to respond quickly and transparently to these requests, as this could be the first perception of the Owners regarding your support.

In relation to this point, has a panel dedicated to the management of these requests and it is also possible to generate an internal notification by e-mail about the arrival of new requests.

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Maintain a good relationship with your Owners

Acquiring Owners is important, but the essential thing is to maintain the Owners who already are your partners.

This can guarantee the possibility of new business, in addition to turning you into a reference in listings administration.

To help you with transparency and good support to your partner Owners, has an Owner's Extranet on your website, where you will be able to adjust the features available and provide differentiated access to your partners.

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Check the Stays Alliance members

Another alternative to increase your portfolio is trying to partner with other business that use Stays.

Check the list of affiliates on your and if you find one that fits in what you are looking for, it is possible to partner and receive the listings from the partner, in addition to having the calendar and the rate integrated through Stays.

To check the affiliates, go to the [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Affiliates] menu.

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