When you make the initial registration of the Owners on your system, you can enable a user for them, in order to make them available to the resources available on the Extranet of the site. In general, we suggest doing this to Owners who have a friendly relationship with your business if you are in the initial phase of the project or to all Owners when you already have knowledge about our Booking Process.

Enabling a User to Owners

To enable a user to the Owner, simply take the following steps:

  1. Access [Users and Clients> Owners];
  2. Find the desired Owner and click on his name;
  3. When accessing the page, click the [Create User] button

  4. Set some additional information such as language and currency;
  5. Do not forget to save!


How is the Owner notified by the system about the user of it?
The system will send you an e-mail notifying you of the username (which is usually the e-mail address) and the password, which is automatically generated by the system. The content sent is the email template "register_landlord".

Is it possible to define what Owners can and can not access in the Extranet of the site?
Yes. You can set the features available on the Owners' Extranet through the permissions enabled on the "landlord" (or "owner") function of your system. To know what permissions you can manage click the link below:
Click here to learn more about controlling the resources of the Extranet of Owners!

My Owner has lost the password. How can I do it?
He may try to access the site and by clicking [Forgot my password] while trying to sign in, he will receive an email. Another way is to access his record in the system in the Owners area and click [Reset Owner's Password]. By this way, the system will also trigger a password recovery email.