One of the main steps for the initial registration phase of the system is the Owners registry, because this way your database is fed and then you can link accommodations to them during their registration. In this article we will show you ways to register Owners manually.

The manual register within the system

This is the most direct form of registration and can be done through your administrative panel. Just go to the [Users and Clients> Owners] menu and select the "+" button to have the form.

The initial phase of the registration will ask you basic data such as name, email, telephone and other fields. When you have finished registering, click Save on the upper right side of the page.

Done! Your Owner is already on your contact list.

Additional Owner Master Details

Once you have entered the basic information of the Owner, you will have more fields at your disposal in order to generate a more detailed register of your Owners.

See the fields below:

  • Billing Address: Refers to the address of the Owner;
  • Language Settings: Used to set the native language and other spoken languages to the Owner. Its main function is to indicate to the system in which language the automatic emails should be sent to it, besides indicating to its Team the languages spoken by the Owners;
  • Documents: In addition to being an additional information space about the Owner, it generates variables for use in Reports, Contracts and other system documents, if it is of interest to you;
  • Note: It is a space of internal use for you and your Team;
  • Uploaded Files: This is the place to insert documents or files that you want to allocate to the owner's folder;
  • Banks: This is the area for registering the owner's bank information. The main utilities are: to indicate to the Financial Manager the data so that the payments can be made, for example in addition to, if applicable, make the data available to the guest on the site so that they can be made Reservations with the channel Bank Transfer.


What fields are required when creating an owner on the system?
The Name and E-mail fields can not be missing as they will be the basis for a future user creation. For others, you can edit the requirement through [Catalog> Settings> Owner Settings], [Owner Required Fields] option.

Am I required to allocate an Owner in the accommodations, or can I do this later?

We recommend that you allocate the Owners in the accommodations at the beginning of your implementation project, but if you want, you can move forward without placing them. To do this, simply go to [Catalog> Settings> Listing Settings] and the [Listings Required Fields] option uncheck the "Define an Owner" box.

My system has My Properties and other Owners properties. How do I not need to register as an Owner in mine?
The system has a setting that determines whether the accommodations are yours or only managed by you. In general, just go to [Catalog> Settings> Listing Settings], "Owner or Administrator" option. By checking Owner you are the owner of all accommodation and thus the system does not consult you about the Owner field in the accommodation. You can also define this by accommodation.

What are the results after I have made the registration indicated in the article?

At the moment your Owner is only a record in the system. It will not have access to the extranet and nor the user of the system and therefore, as main results are the possibility to allocate it in the accommodations and apply its name in filters of the area of Transfer of Reserves. If you want to give him access to the Extranet, you need to create a user for him.

Click here to learn how to create users for Owners!