As we have seen, you will have the Reservation Transfer tool to set the amounts to be paid to the Owners and some releases and also with the Product Accounting screen, where you control what your Financial Sector should pay the Owners. Both tools relate to Accountability to Owners in order to provide greater transparency in this process, and at each launch, the Owner can obtain details about the Reserves. The list of information that the system makes available to the Owners by default is as follows:

  • Guest: it is possible to show the Owner the name of the holder of the Reserve, in order to give more authenticity to the Transfer;
  • Period of Stay: indicates to the Owner the number of nights of the Reserve;
  • Check-in and check-out dates: It shows the Owners the range of dates the guest stayed in their accommodation;
  • Selling Channel: You can present to your Owner by which sales channel the Reserve originated. The ideal use of this feature is for businesses that sell the service of dissemination of the products in the sales channels;
  • Fees: Defines whether any Rates applied on the transfer process will be displayed to the Owner. An example of this is related to the value of the commission of the sales channels, where in commissions in% they automatically reduce the base value of calculation;
  • Commission: Defines if you wish to display to your Owner what your business commission on the Reserve was;
  • Owner's Value: This is the final value that the Owner will receive for the Reservation in question.

Setting the Visibility of Information to the Owner

To set how the system displays the Reservation details on the Owner's Extranet, simply configure from the path below:

  1. Go to [Catalog> Settings> Landlord Settings];
  2. Locate the option "What would you like to show at the Landlord's Page on website?"
  3. Check "yes" for the fields you wish to display to the Owners;
  4. Do not forget to save your progress, in the down left side of the screen, when finish the set up.

The Final Result of Adjustments

On your site, in the area restricted to Owners, both in the Reservation Calendar (when clicking on a Reservation), and in the Accounting and Payment Control options (clicking the details button), the Owner will see a panel according to this template:

In this case, all fields are enabled for display by the Owner.


I want to use the Owner's extranet only to help manage my Calendar without displaying financial information. Is that possible?
Yes! In addition to the field display settings, we have a setting that goes further: you can set the menus and features available or not to your Owners. Click the link below and see our article on the topic:
Click here to learn about Owner's Extranet Management

Can I edit the field names on the display for the Owner?
Regarding the screen for Owners, you can edit the names through the Frontend translations. Go to [Web Site & Template Manager> Translations> Frontend], locate the terms and make the settings you want. It's just important to note that some of the terms are used on more than one site screen, so avoid escaping from the default context!

What are the minimum conditions for an Owner to access this information?
The Owner must be properly registered on his system, with the "landlord" (or Owner) function, must be a user with login and password and be allocated as Owner of an advertisement. From this, it will have more options in the initial menu of his site, as the example below:

In this case, the system has all Owner permissions enabled and so there are all additional menus to Owners.