You should have seen in the preliminary connection information that our tool allows you to create lists for via stays, so here's a quick step-by-step guide on this process!

I already have an account on and I want to be able to create new lists

You can consult our Support Team to check if your registration already has an Entity ID enabled. If so, great! We will inform you the number and you need to fill out a form within the "Settings" tab of your Channel Manager of!
See the article below that will show you where to register your information:

Click to learn about Channel Manager settings!

Once this is done, follow the steps below.

I do not have account and want to create my lists

Make your registration through From there, after passing the bureaucratic procedures of you will receive a partner ID and soon someone from will call you to do the Entity ID procedure. In this case, your acceptance is required to have this registration and we normally receive - and we notify - about it to contact you.

Once you have your Entity ID, simply follow the process outlined above about registering your account settings in Channel Manager.

The Practical Process of Creating Lists

After you have done well in registering your lists on Stays it is time to continue connecting your products. For this, in advance, it is important that your prices and availability are properly updated!

Let's go to the connection steps:

  1. Go to [Channels & Tools> Channels>]; 
  2. Locate the [Inventory Items] tab and select your accommodation; 
  3. Click the little arrow pointing to the right side. This will open another screen on the right side;

  4. Click [Link] and choose the option Build a new Hotel on side];
  5. Enter the fees you will be charged for your guests at;
    Note: The fees must be properly linked to those of within Channel Manager settings. Read more about it here.
  6. After creating the Hotel on the system, it's time to upgrade the rooms. Click in Update Room; You must select the type of accommodation (if you have more than one room in the hotel, you can not repeat the options!) and the layout of the accommodation photos;
  7. Now the main goal is to eliminate yellow validation messages from By making them disappear from the screen, just click "Open" and your list will change the status to "Ready to Check";

  8. To proceed to step #7, you must submit your rates and availability to your newly created rooms at To do so, go to the [Other Features] tab, "Price and Availability Manager" option and send the rates, availability and, if applicable, additional guest charges through the "update derived prices";

  9. Once this is done, your accommodation will be in the validation process of and you may be connected in approximately 24 hours after the List was created.

New List Validation Status

During the creation of your List it is normal that you see on the screen a sticker with some statuses next to the accommodations. This is to indicate in which stage your product is and whether or not you are free to connect. See below for more details on what each status means:

  • Being Built: Indicates that the accommodation is still in the process of being built, that is, it still depends on your actions. Usually refers to the fact that you have messages pending validation (yellow messages displayed next to the accommodation) and in this case, when completing the sending of the information the messages disappear and you can move on to the next status by clicking the "Open" next to the Hotel within our system;
  • Ready to Check: Indicates that the accommodation already meets the basic requirements of a listing and is available for reviewing content. The average time frame for this verification is 24h and if all goes well, you will be in the next status;
  • Ready to Open: Indicates that the accommodation has been approved and now it is your part! If you agree to open for sales, simply click on "Open" next to the Hotel or on your Extranet that your accommodation will be available for sale, which is the next status;
  • Open/Bookable: Your accommodation is available for Bookings on!
    Good sales!

These validation statuses are updated by our system once a day and are based on the status generated by You can speed up status update via the [Other Features> Price and Availability Manager> Update Hotel Statuses] path.

Most Common Lists Validation Messages - What do you do to get ahead?

During the validation, as mentioned, some messages generated from will appear. Their content is in English and may seem complicated, but here's a brief list of frequently asked questions and what you should do.

  • No products defined: It indicates that the Hotel created is still without products inserted in it (rooms). In this case, make sure that you have loaded the rooms and not only stopped the creation of the Hotel throughout the process of creating the product (step # 6 of our practical guide);

  • No rates defined: Indicates that your products are priceless. This is a default message that will appear during creation, but after sending rates and availability, the default behavior is to disappear after a few minutes. It is related to step # 8 of our practical guide;

  • No availability pushed: Indicates that your products are without loaded availability. It is a default message that will appear during creation, but after performing step # 8 of our handy guide, the message should disappear in a few minutes. If you stay longer, it may be related to the timing of your Stays accommodation if you have long blocking periods. In this case, it is more interesting to leave to connect when the accommodation is, in fact, available for Reservations in the channel.


During the validation of my advertisement with, I found the status "closed". What to do?

The "closed" status will only appear when your accommodation passes the building stage in our system ("Being Built"), so you must check with for the reason, as it may be related the address of the accommodation, commercial issues or others. If the Team signals that it is a technical connection, please let us know!

Will I have to do this process even though my ad is already active on

No. In your case, you should follow the connection flow of existing ads on To know more, click on the link below:

Click here to know about connecting existing lists!