If you have accommodations in different regions of the world, you may need to be aware of the standard currencies of each list by submitting your prices to the sales channels, and even if you have already set up that on the system and your lists, if makes it necessary to adjust during the connections.

You may be wondering why we did not automate this earlier, right?

We do not automate this because each sales channel meets a pattern on the lists' currencies. Just as a general example, here are some policies:

  • Flipkey (or TripAdvisor): only works with US dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR);
  • Expedia: Recommends that users register prices according to the country currency that the list is located, but there is the possibility of registering with different currencies.
  • Booking.com: You have a standard default currency table based on the country in which your ad is located. There is no flexibility regarding this standard.

Because of these variations, we did not automate the configuration, but our flow is very simple: on the Channel Manager screen in the "settings" tab you can set the default currency of all your lists or set the default per list. See this example on the Expedia channel:


How does the system behave about currency conversion for the sales channels and how can I see what is being sent there?
If you placed a currency other than the list's default, the system will apply the conversion before sending the price according to the quote for the day. The best way for you to see the result is the [Channels & Tools> Channels] screen, because there you can select the period, the product, the sales channel and see the final structure that the system should send to the sales channel.

Will the default currency selection interface always be based on the currencies I've enabled on my system?
In most cases yes, but in some cases it may happen that the currencies accepted by the sales channel prevail. A good example of this is the Flipkey channel, where even though you only have Real (BRL) enabled on the system, you need to choose between Euros (EUR) or US Dollars (USD), due to channel policy.

How do I enable currencies in my system?
This feature is within the General Settings of your system. To know more, click on the link below:

Click here to learn how to enable currencies in the system!