Each sales channel has a way of working in relation to the monetary unit of daily rates prices. 

  • Flipkey (or TripAdvisor) 
    Only works with US dollars (USD) or euros (EUR);
  • Expedia 
    It recommends that users register prices according to the standard of the country where the listing is located, but there is the possibility of registering with different currencies.
  • Booking.com 
    It has a fixed default currency table according to the country your listing is in.
    There is no flexibility regarding this standard.

Based on that, even if you have already configured the default currency of your listing, it is necessary to configure the currency in the sales channels. 

To do this process, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers] menu and your channel of choice;
  2. Access the [Configuration] tab of your channel manager;
  3. Set the default currency common to all your listings or choose whether each listing has its pattern;
  4. Save the changes made.

If you set each listing to have a pattern, you can set the currency during the connection of the product with the channel.

Important: You must select the currency according to the monetary unit used in your sales channel!

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