One of the most important indicators to price your product and develop new strategies is the average ticket of your Reserves. We will see below what this means and what to do with this information.

What is average ticket?

The simplest definition of the concept is the sum of the Revenues of your Reserves divided by the number of Reserves, in a certain period. That is, if in a given period the total value of your Reserves reached R$ 50,000.00 and were 50 Reserves as a whole, your average ticket was R$ 1,000.00.

What is the average ticket for?

The average ticket is an indicator of the potential of your product with the consumer. Having a low average ticket may signal that although your sales number is high, it is not as interesting to have this number because the profitability is low. It is from this number that you can make some strategic decisions for your pricing and product offerings. Here are some examples:

Medium Ticket Low

In these cases it is always useful to check if your accommodations are priced in line with the market. It is important to have a competitive price with other businesses in the industry, but it is important to reflect if you are putting the price down to get reservations. In the long run, as your Reserves increase, your fixed and variable costs also increase and so the hourly bill may not beat.
A good tip to raise the average ticket without compromising daily rates is to offer additional services to the stay, such as extra cleaning, amenities and kits for special occasions, ticket sales, among others.

How do I see this indicator on my system?

To verify this indicator on your system, follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Statistics> Reservations in Numbers> Average Ticket of Reservation];
  2. On the left side, it is possible to make some filters about period, products and Accommodations Groups;
  3. When choosing your filters, click on "Update";
  4. Do well in your analysis!


What types of Reservations will be booked on the screen?
The amount of Reservations will be based on those that have the status of "Reservation" (Confirmed Reservations) and "Agreement" (Reservation with payment made and guest is already in the accommodation).

I want to add extra services to my system! How can I do this?
Just go to [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Extra Services]. In this screen you register all the extra services that you offer and this will be the basis for you to put in the Reserve Pages the extra services consumed.

How do I add an Extra Service on a Reservation Page?
When you access the Booking Page, click on the "Add Extra Service" option, which is next to the check-in and check-out times on the screen. By clicking the button, you can define whether it is a cleaning or not and whether it should be included in the Extra Services Invoice. In addition, you can add notes (ex: voucher number or commands), quantity and date of service execution.