From the time you receive or create orders, the Requests Manager screen will assist you in the direct sales routine of your site, phone, or inquiries obtained through HomeAway, if you are in the classified model and have enabled the tool in our system.

See in this article what actions you can take to manage your requests.

Searching for a Request on the Request Manager screen

When you go to the Request Manager screen on the left side you will have a set of filters that will help you locate any special requests you are looking for. Here is a list of fields:

  • "Date" field: In this field you can filter the range of days to find orders and also adjust the criteria for the search: check-in date, check-out date or date the order was made.

  • "Property" field: This is a useful field if you want to check or measure how many orders one of your products received. It is important to mention that there are System Statistics that can help you in this work, but this way you follow the content of the requests.

  • Agent field: See how many requests are under the responsibility of one of the Agents. You can also filter allocated orders to inactive System Agents. This is useful if a collaborator is terminated and you need to relocate requests to other Team members.

  • "Name", "E-mail" or "Phone Number" fields: If you want to search for orders linked to a potential customer, these fields may assist you in the search.

  • "E-mail" field: In addition to the field for locating requests linked to an e-mail address, there is another field that helps to control the incoming requests for the integration with HomeAway or FlipKey (autoresponder tools). This tool causes no request to go unanswered, so new orders will arrive as "unanswered email" and you can edit this status when you change the order. There is a box with this option on the change order screen.

  • "Communication Form" field: Lists the requests according to the preferred form of communication of the potential customer. This can be useful if you have someone on your team responsible for capturing phone sales or some other specific channel in active marketing actions.

  • "Rooms" field: View your requests that cater to a number of specific rooms. Example: I want to see all requests for accommodation that has 02 rooms. The system has a statistic that measures the number of requests per number of accommodation rooms.

What can I do in an existing Request in Requester Manager?

The Order editing features are manageable by configuring system permissions. We will present below all possibilities.

Link an Agent to the Order

This is important if your business has a Reservation Team. To do this, just click on the pen beside the order and choose the Agent responsible. If a particular email has more requests registered, it will be possible to mark a box where the Agent will be responsible for all other requests of the user as well.

Link a Partner to the Order

Although it is a field that appears both when creating an Order and in ordering the site, setting the marketing options can result in cases where the order is without a defined business partner. In this case, just click on the label pen in blue and you can choose the partner.

Track the activities of an Order

By clicking the [Actions] button next to the order and the [Activity] option, you have access to a brief history of activities about the order. The information is presented in a technical way and the main use would be for internal audits. If you need assistance in interpreting the records, please contact us!

Changing order contents

Did you check any of the fields in the wrong way? Do not worry! Go to the [Actions] button, [Edit] option and you can edit the contents of all the fields of the Request. We recommend restricting this feature only to persons who supervise or manage the Reservations team.

Removing an Order

The "Actions" button will allow you to delete a request as well. It is highly recommended that this feature be available only to management or board, as the action of exclusion is irreversible.

How do I manage the screen resources for my team members?

As we have seen above, there are a variety of order management features and this, in large work teams working on commission in Reservations can be a complication of audits if all users have full access to resources, so now know how to limit the accesses.

  1. Access [Users and Clients> Roles and Permissions];
  2. On the left side of the screen, select which function you want to edit the permissions;
  3. On the right, in the permissions, locate the block "e-mail" and click in the gray area to the side;
  4. This will open a list of permissions, just check the ones you want the profile to be enabled to access.

Do not worry, next to each permission is a description of what it enables so you can customize the access of different user profiles to that area of the system.