The "Request Manager" screen will be the help panel for managing any Reservation requests that may arise. In this case, in addition to the requests made by the site the panel allows you to make the records manually.

When to create an order manually?

As your brand strengthens, it is more common through organic searches or "word-of-mouth" marketing potential customers see you as the first choice of stay so, although it is falling into disuse, phone sales in the media are still frequent. In this case, it is possible to capture the request of the potential customer and register in the system and, if the client closes the Reservation, it is already registered that it was a conversion of request into Reservation, besides having the possibility to automatically allocate a Reservation Agent to the client (usually the person who captured the request).

Usually the most indicated uses are for possible telephone contacts or personal emails, outside of the commercial routine provided by the system.

How to create an order in the Requester Manager?

To create an order, simply follow the path below:

  1. Go to [Offer & Promotions> Booking Requests Manager];
  2. Go to the "Setup New Request" button;
  3. Fill in the requested information on the screen;
  4. Click "Save"

Information required to create a new Request

After clicking on step 2 above you will have a screen with fields to fill. See below for each field:

  • Property: This is a required field on the screen to establish which accommodation will be given to the guest. Usually the calls arrive from a query in the site or indication of some known, therefore the user already presents a desired accommodation. Filling in this information is important to feed statistics on the Requests received as well.

  • Check-in and Check-out: These are basic fields for a Reservation Request. They will be the basis for setting up Reservation Bids. This information also feeds statistics that will reveal the average advance of customer orders in relation to the day of the Reserve.

  • Adult and Child Count: This is an additional field on the Requests received. It serves as the basis for filters when setting up Reservation Offers.

  • First and Last Name: These are additional fields to base the list of system leads. In this case they are essential information for future contacts with the potential customer.

  • Phone Number: Additional field to enter one of the customer's contacts.

  • E-Mail: Additional field to insert one of the customer's contacts. It is an important field in the register, because if the user makes a Reservation on the site, he / she uses this email to register on the website and closing the purchase will be configured as a converted order and the Reservation Agent responsible for the request will earn the commission of the Reserve.

  • Communication Channel: It is used to indicate to the sales team which communication channel the customer should contact. To learn more about how to register and manage Communication Channels click the link below:
    Click here to know about Communication Channels!

  • Partner: Defines which business partner was responsible for originating this request. This is valid to measure how many conversions per Partner are made. A good tip in this field is to register your Partner Center with an option for your site so you can feed the right partner and get a good sense of how many requests are directly responsible for your site.
    Click here to know about Partners!

  • Agent: This is the field that defines which Booking Agent is responsible for the request in question. If a call is converted, it is possible that the sales commission reaches directly to the Agent who received the request.


I am a Reserve Agent and my name does not appear as an option in the Agent field. Why?
You will probably need your system administrator to adjust your system settings. It is important that you have the "Agent" (or agent) role enabled for your user.

I got a contact where the person does not know what accommodation he wants. How can I register the request, since the "Property" field is required?
First, the "Property" field is mandatory because we have a Request Statistics about number of rooms, so it is fundamental that each request has a specification in this sense to generate data.
A good alternative to these cases - which are rare - is to allocate the request to a symbolic accommodation that represents the number of rooms. Example: for all requests for accommodation with 02 rooms, accommodation is D001.
It is possible to allocate requests to disabled system accommodations, so this helps avoid operational confusion.

Is it possible to display phone numbers according to the market segment?
For larger companies that have different sectors, it is possible to define the contacts - and even Company data - by market segment. To do this, simply access the system settings via [Catalog> Settings> General Settings] and check the option "Use Additional Companies for each product".

I have activated an option indicated above, where can I register as a category contact?
When activating an option, in [Catalog> Settings], at the end of the list of options, more items in the tab. Just click on what you want and register the data.