To count on the option of users registering using the Google+ account on your website, in addition to being able to share your lodgings on their profile, it is necessary that you obtain, in your Google admin panel, your Google credentials: your client ID and your secret client key.

To obtain these credentials, follow the steps below:

1Access your Google account's admin panelLogin with your desired Google account and click on the link below:
2Create your credentialsAccess the [Credentials] menu at the left side of the screen and then click on [+ CREATE CREDENTIALS].
3Go to the [OAuth client ID] optionThis is the type of credential needed to enable your Stays website and users' Google registration information.
Configure the consent screen
To complete the OAuth client ID credential, it is necessary have a product name and other information. Do it now through the path below:
Choose the [External] option regarding the type of consent
The [External] option will allow users outside your organization to use your app's solutions (in this case account registration and other Google+ actions).
Click on [CREATE] next!
Filling in the consent information
In the first part of the registration, you must put the name of your business in the [App name] field and your website in the field referring to the domain in addition to a contact by email and additional links, if you wish (e.g. privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc.).
At the end of the page, click on [SAVE AND CONTINUE].
Proceed to step 4 of the consent screen
If you have no information about [Scopes] (step 2) and [Test users] (step 3), proceed through the pages by clicking on [SAVE AND CONTINUE] at the bottom of the page until you reach the page below:
Check the summary of your consent screen and confirm
Upon reaching step 4 of the consent screen ([Summary]), go to the end of the page and confirm the information.
After saving and continuing, click on [BACK TO DASHBOARD].
Go back to the [Credentials > Create OAuth client ID] menu to configure the app typeWhen returning to the menu, select your created application from the list and see the settings.
It is time to configure the application type (select [Web application]):
Collect your Google credentialsAt the end of the activation process, you will receive confirmation about the creation of ID and the credentials, in a panel like the one below:

Now that you have your Google credentials (client ID and secret key), it is time to apply them to your and activate the App Center: