In this space we will share some basic information about the connection with AirBnB in order to help curious users who are in the process of implementation or the older ones who want to recycle knowledge or have received new collaborators in the Team.

Available connection types

  • API Connection (VR)
    By default, we are AirBnB API connectivity partners so through our tool you will be able to send your products to the channel, as well as send rates and availability and other list information such as rates, photos, title and description for example. This type of connection is called a VR and currently applies to users who host their accounts.
    For more details on this connection, please call our support team!

  • iCal Connections
    This template is an alternative for users who do not fit the API connection profile.
    This is a feature exclusively developed by Stays in order to assist you in the process of connecting products with AirBnB.
    We synchronize this connection model only with the availability (Stays Lockups and Reservations of the Stays Calendar) and we adapt our system to be able to read in the calendars sent by AirBnB what are Reserves and so allocate in your calendar.


How will Stays help me in the connection process?

Regardless of your connection profile, you can schedule a call with our Support Team to learn the channel connection process. It is important that you have properly aligned in your system the registration of products, prices and availability.

  • iCal Connections: We will help you locate where the fields you must enter the AirBnB link and where you should get our link to put there in the channel. In addition, we will assist in channel activation on your Stays system.

  • API Connections (VR Accounts): We will assist you on the bridge with the AirBnB sales team to insert you into their "VR Partner" registration. This will help you get closer support from AirBnB, as well as more technical connection capabilities. It is possible to have a call with our Team to learn how to send your products to AirBnB, any additional connection details and the like. In summary, the process is similar to the video we shared above, but it is important that you follow the process with one of our analysts to avoid conflicts.
    Important: Before connecting, please let us know about your interest in being part of AirBnB's "VR Accounts" program. We need to send your information to the AirBnB Marketing Team to validate your registration with them (even if you already have an account) through Stays.

If you have already understood the above points, contact your Implementation Analyst to schedule a meeting.

Be sure to check out our other materials on connecting to AirBnB. To do so, click on the link below: