To better understand the instructions in this article, it is necessary that you already know the concepts below:

  • Relationship of additional fees between and Airbnb;
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  • Difference between iCal and API connection between and Airbnb.
    This rate relationship feature is only available for the API connections.
    If you have an iCal connection, the management of this information will be done manually by the Airbnb extranet.
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Airbnb has a fee presentation template on their page that follows the criteria below:

For a better understanding, the final result on the Airbnb website is the squares of the Guest Facing area of the chart.
See below for a brief explanation:

Airbnb only works with fee amounts per booking, even if your fee is set as "per night" on Stays.
  • Service fee
    This is a standard fee charged by Airbnb in relation to the booking made through the channel.
    This area is not integrated with and is part of the standard Airbnb policy.
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  • Cleaning fee
    It is formed by the sum of the Cleaning Fee and Linens Fee fees.
    In practice, if in your you have linked your additional fees to these two options, the cleaning fee will be the sum of the two fees in question.
  • Taxes
    In some regions, Airbnb has government agreements and acts in the collection and remittance of taxes, so in these cases the information will be present in the quotation of reservations.
    For more details to find out if your listing is in a region where this applies, contact the Airbnb team or click here.

In practice, the end result of this relationship of fees and presentation of the Airbnb website is like this:

It is worth noting that the example above is from a region without withholding taxes by Airbnb.