One of the most common points to call our Support is the presentation of additional system fees on AirBnB, when a guest does a quote there. There is an idea that the values get there wrong or something, but in this article it will be clarified that this is not the case.

Rate Showing Template on AirBnB website

As you will see throughout the training (or have seen), each sales channel has a standard behavior regarding issues such as cancellation policies, fees collection or even the Booking process on their website and one of the differences is the way your rates will be displayed in AirBnB and this is what we will show in the diagram below:

Amount per night in the AirBnB consult: This is a result of the daily rate you sent to the channel, along with pricing rules (additional guest charge, weekend rate etc), adding up to the value set for Resort Fee, Community fee and Management Fee.

Service Fee: The rate charged by AirBnB in relation to the Reservation made by the channel. It comes from AirBnB only. For more details on how AirBnB charges this rate, click here or contact the AirBnB Team.

Cleaning Fee: It is the junction of Cleaning Fee and Linens Fee. That is, if you have both rates linked in Stays, the value in the AirBnB site will be the sum of them.

Taxes: In some regions, AirBnB has government agreements and collects and passes taxes, so it is possible that there are those values in the quote of the reservations, depending on the region of your advertisement. For more details on this, click here or contact the AirBnB Team.

Example of showing of rates and daily values in AirBnB

To illustrate a bit more about the points presented above, here is an example page about the content covered in this article:


How do I relate my fees to Stays with existing AirBnB rates?
Just go to [External Connections> Channel Managers> AirBnB] and go to the [Settings] tab. If you need more details, click here and read our article about it.

I have iCal connection with my AirBnB lists. Should I follow this process too?
No. In your case, the configuration management can be done manually within the AirBnB portal, because this type of connection only synchronizes the calendar.