By accessing the link of the offer you submitted, your guest will be redirected to a page with all the lodgings of your offer and the option for them to follow with the booking process on the website.

Although it is something simple regarding view, there are some mechanisms that will help you and your guest during the booking process:

  • The link tracks who submitted the offer, so if the guest makes the reservation, the sending agent will be responsible for it;
  • If some lodgings suffer price changes or do not have longer availability for the period, the link will have updated content, so there is no need for rework.

You will be able to also make some edits to the structure of the page:

Offer submission messageIn addition to counting with the possibility to customize the content of the sent email in the offer, you will also be able to adjust the header of your offer submission page (highlighted part of the image above).
To do this, you must edit the [Wishlist_Header_Agent] template in your template manager.
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Layout of the presentation pageYou will be able to adjust which presentation model is ideal for presenting your lodgings to your guests.
Just go to the [Settings > Website Settings] menu and in the first options section named [Frontend alternative pages], choose the layout in the [Wishlist page] field.
In the image of this article, [Layout 1] is being used.