After you have created and sent your Offer, the system will forward your prospective guest to a personalized search result page on the site, with a list of available properties, the possibility of checking the details of each list, selecting one of them and proceeding to the Reserve online on your site, if you have the Payment Channel enabled and the real estate enabled to receive Reservations via site.

The following is an example of the final page of your Offer:

In this model, the upper initial part will include the profile photo and name of the user who sent the reservation offer to the guest, along with a message of greeting and presentation of the products in general, however that part highlighted in red has the possibility to make edits content and presentation structure.

Below, on the left side are the photos of the properties and, from a click, in the middle part will be displayed the content page related to the property and on the right side will have the reinforcement of the final value of the Reserve and the link to proceed with the Reservation - in case the product is enabled to receive Reservations on the site.


Can I edit property values before submitting Reservation Bids to the guest?

No. The system will be based on the current system tariff for sending the offer and each time the guest opens the link or reloads the page, the information will be updated in real time according to the current tariff. If you would like to make a value issue to discount the guest, it is recommended to create a promotional code targeted to the guest in question.

What happens if one of the properties that I sent in the Offer has been filled after I submitted the Offer?

The property is automatically removed from the list of properties in the offer in question in a silent way, meaning your guest will not receive an error alert and will not be directed to a link with a 404 error.

For Offers sent by e-mail to the future guest, it is highly recommended to place a sufficient number of options, especially if it is for periods of high demand.

If all the items offered are already occupied before the potential guest opens the link, what does the system generate?

In this case, the system will display on the screen a message about the fact that all products offered are occupied. Here's an example below:

The contents of this message can be edited through [Manage Sites and Templates> Templates> Templates Management]. Follow the complete path in the image below:

Is the system able to recognize which Reservation Agent was responsible for the creation of the Offer and allocate the Reserve to it in case of conversion?
Yes. Just as the Agent is recognized in the construction of the final page of the Offer, the same will occur if the guest closes the Reserve on his site.