To export your iCal Calendar to other channels, you need to locate the link for your product and place it correctly in the location indicated by your partner.

How do I find my iCal link?

1. Access your Product and under the "Availability" tab, select the "iCal" option;

2. In the "iCal Link of this Property" block contains a link, just copy and paste it in the location indicated by your partner.


What is the system synchronization time for exporting iCals Calendars?
It depends on each partner. In the iCal connection, the part that exports the content - in this case Stays - is responsible for generating the correct content, since the channel that imports - in this case your partner - is responsible for reading the content provided, so the sync time only depends on your partner.

Can I export my Calendar to multiple portals?

Yes. This is one of the advantages of iCal Connection and is a strategy already used by many hosting companies. Your main concern should be to keep the Stays Calendar properly updated.

Can I export a Calendar from one Stays Product to another within my system?

Yes. Simply insert the Product link into the "iCals that are getting imported" part located in the iCal section of the target product.

How can I connect the calendar of my property to another Stays customer?
In this case, the most recommended is to use the Stays Alliance tool, which has greater intelligence mechanisms to help with the Connection. For more information about the tool, click here!