With this tool you'll be able to import your bank statements extracted from your Internet Banking and thus relate your bank transactions and deposits with the corresponding inflows and outflows in the bank statement.

To import your statements, follow these steps:

After importing your Bank in the system, folllow these procedures:

  1. Go to <<Finance > Ledger > Import Transactions>>;
  2. Keep the option <<Banks>> selected and choose the file to be imported;
  3. Select your Bank in the checkbox on the lower part of the screen;
  4. Click on <<Start fetching>>

By doing this, the system will list each item from the statement; just keep selected the ones you wish to import and finish the process.


How does the system recognize my Internet Banking file?

The system will recognize it based on the option you selected in the <<Import Method>> field when importing a Bank. It is important to appropriately choose the Import Method compatible with your Bank. Click here and check the list.

In case the statement file extension is different or not present in the system, what should I do?

In this case, just send our Support Team a sample of the statement structure (what file type) your Bank generates and we'll send your request to our Technical Team to develop.

Can I import transactions from different banks?

Yes. Once the Bank is imported, the statements can be imported according to the bank file.

Where will the items imported from the statement be applied?

Upon confirming the Transactions Import, the validated items will be available in the Ledger, but their main application will be when linking payments or receipts made through bank accounts.

Is the import of new items from the Bank Statement made automatically?

No. You'll have to do the process every time you wish to import your Bank Statement. This procedure's performing rate depends a lot on your enterprise's transactions volume, as for your operations. We have clients who do this daily; others do it once every three days, or even weekly.