Product Accounting is the tool where the administrator checks all the owner's income and expenses for a given period and then confirms the balance (value passed on to the owner) for payments to be made by the Financial sector. The most common use is for the Monthly Transfer of Reserves, however it is possible to use the tool also in individual transfers of Reserves.

To access the screen and finish the process of transfer, just follow the path below:

1. Go to [Finance> Receipts and Payments> Product Accounting];
2. Select the Accommodation you want to view the launches;
3. Make sure the postings are correct and choose which ones you want to review (select the empty boxes);
4. Click the blue arrow to route the postings to the "Receipts and Payments" screen and thus the payment is made to the Owner. 

Product Accounting screen informations

The Product Accounting screen will give you some useful information regarding the Booking Transfer routine and will list some details to help you:

  • Lifetime Debit, Credit and Balance: This is used to measure the entire history of Onlending of accommodation, from the first to the present. This helps to verify the profitability of the product and to control any outstanding payments (if the Accumulated Balance is non-zero).

  • Debit and Credit: It is presented from the perspective of the Owner, that is, the credits are revenues that the Owner will receive and debits are expenses that will be discounted from the Owner.

  • Option "details": Beside each launch there is a link called "details". It serves to show the history of payments on the Transfer, for example if everything has been paid or is still missing, in addition to making it possible to remove payments in launches that have not yet been settled, and, finally, in separate postings the possibility of checking receipts and other attached files.

  • Status: When you send one or more records for payment, the status of the records will be displayed: the orange arrow means that your payment is pending in [Receipts and Payments], while the green check means that the amount has already been paid to the Owner (as Control of the Finance, in the Receipts and Payments screen).

  • Credit and Debit columns: They serve to assist in the control of the records. In the credit column will enter the revenues of the Owner and in the debit column will be the expenses and also the balances mounted for the Owner. Remind that the goal is to keep the balance equal to zero because it means that all accounts have been settled.

Navigation Shortcuts on the Product Accounting screen

Next to the screen name is an arrow where you will be taken to two other paths: the "Find Booking" screen and the "Product Accounting" screen, which is the same as "Receipts and Payments". Here's the tip on what you can do in them:

  • Find Booking: This is the system screen where the transference of Reserves are originated. In it, you can filter, for example, all pending or open Transfers of a certain accommodation or start a desired transfer.

  • General Accounting: The shortcut will take you to the [Receipts and Payments] screen, which is where you can manage the payment of the Owner's balances.

  • "+" Button: Did you forget to add some expense from the Owner? Do not worry, in this shortcut you can access the account creation screen in the system and post it. This applies to both claims and debits.


What are the debts to the Owner?
Debits can be generated from the charge of cleaning fee to the Owner, when it makes a Block for private use and asks for cleaning service; accounts payable with payments already made by your Company whose responsibility is the Owner; or divided with a share for it; and Reserve fees that may be the responsibility of the Owner.

What are the credits for the Owner?
The main source of credits are the Transfer of Reserves: with each launch made in the Transfer, a credit is generated to the Owner in the screen in question. Another source of revenue is Receipts under the responsibility of the Owner, which can be launched in the module [Finance> Receipts and Payments]. 

Can I print the screen items to the Owner?
You can print the Product Accounting items or send e-mail to the Owners.
Just click the buttons on the screen:

If you would like to edit the documents or the e-mail template to be sent to the Owners, send us your template to!

After generating the Balance, what happens?
You have just created an Account to Pay for your financial Sector. This balance will go to the [Finance> Receipts and Payments] module and thus be treated as a common account in your day to day.

How do I display this informations to my Owners?
Your Owners will be able to access the information through their Extranet on your site. All you have to do is enable their permission for the Accountability part and define what information about the Reserve they can view.