The automated forwarding of reservations is recommended for users who already know the forwarding routine and have a routine that does not vary with each forwarding.

When activating the forwarding automation, we will apply the rule to all reservations not forwarded, within the period of accountability to owners.
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The automatic forwarding will take place every 3 hours in the system.
It means that there will be 4 times a day in which the system will identify all the reservations that fit in the setting made by the user and will forward them automatically.

To activate automatic forwarding on your, follow the path below:

  1. Access the [Settings > Owner Settings > Automation] menu;
  2. Find the [Configure Your Automatic Booking Forwarding] section;
  3. Mark [Yes] in the first option, as this makes the other options appear;
  4. Fill in the options following the screen instructions;
  5. Save your settings on the upper right side of the screen.

You will also be able to do custom configuration per listing as well.
In this case, the configuration block will be on the [Finance > Contract Configuration] tab at the bottom of the page:

You must follow the forwarding already made on the owners balance screen, so that you validate the data and set up the final balance payable to your owners.

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