Applicable tool for seasonal rental managers who work with simple Transfer models where there is little or no change in the original Reserve amount.

How to enable the Transfer Automation ?

To enable the automation feature, go to [Catalog> Settings>Owners Settings]. Then locate the [Default Reservation Forwarding Automation] option and enable the first option.

Transfer Automation Settings

By enabling Automation of Tranfers, the system will provide you with some options for you to adjust to your business. Are they:

  • Amount of the First Transfer to the Owner: You can set the amount to be passed on to the Owner at the time of the first transfer. By choosing "yes" you will pass on to the Owner the full value of it. If you choose "no", you must choose the % of the amount you wish to post as credit to the Owner;
  • When we must pass the value on to the Owner: It is possible to define at what time the system should send to the Owner the credits configured in the previous field. When choosing "By Reservation", you define whether it should be done on the day of check-in, when the Reserve is created, when it has a% of the total amount already paid by the guest or when the Reservation has a certain status (pre-reservation , reservation or contract, for example). By choosing "in groups", you can determine whether credit postings should be made monthly (based on days after check-in or check-out) or weekly (by checking whether it is by check-in or check-out and day of the week).
  • The remaining part to the Owner: If you have chosen to only release part of the amount to the Owner at the first moment, the system will consult you on the remaining amount to be passed. It is only important to note that the options provided will be based on your choice of the previous field: if you chose "by Reservation" there, in this field you will have the options "by Reservation" and the same happens if you have chosen "in groups" previously. It is worth mentioning that you can choose to manually transfer too.

How to avoid Automatic Transfers?

Regardless of your chosen configuration, you can inhibit the Automation of Transfers for some cases. By following the setup screen, you can determine the automatic pass-through lock when:

  • Reservations Canceled;
  • Change of check-in or check-out dates;
  • Accommodation Exchange.


I want to apply Automatic Transfer, but each of my accommodations has a Transfer standard. How can I do it?

When configuring your Transfer automation standard, you have the option to configure by product. In this case, by checking "yes", the accommodations will have the configuration area within the 'Contract Configuration' tab so you can adjust.

How do I track the transfers already done?
The credits posted to the Owner from the Automation of Transfers will be allocated on the [Product Accounting] screen, which will be your control panel of credits and expenses to be released to the Owner before the final payment of the Transfer. To learn more about the screen, click the link below:
Click here to learn more about Product Accounting!

For cases where automation did not occur, how can I make the Transfer?
In such cases, the Reserve will be located at the initial stage of the Reserve Transfer. In this regard, you need to start the Transfer of Reserves manually and the most appropriate route for this is via the [Reservations & Bookings> Find Booking] screen. For more details on how to start a Transfer, click the link below:
Click here to know how to start the Transfer by hand!