This setting aims to provide what is your negotiation type with owners on and, with this, to align how your accountability should be done.

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Defining the default commission model

To choose your business default commission model, access the menu [Settings > Owner Settings > Commission], choose the desired commission model and save the changes in the upper right side of the page, according to the image below:

In addition to the default setting, you can define a specific commission model per listing.
This setting is on the [Finance > Contract Configuration] tab within each listing.
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Including sales channels fees in the forwarding routine

In addition to the default setting of the commission model during the forwarding, allows administrators to define whether the cost with the sales channels and their charged commissions will be shared with the owners or not.

Setting this is highly recommended in order to obtain the actual amounts forwarded to the owners.

This setting is on the menu [Settings > Owners Settings > Commission].
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Forwarding relation with the accounting routine

During the forwarding routine, you will be able to allocate the paid amounts to your owners in a certain accounting position and this will help you in financial results screens such as Payable Accounts and Accounting Balance.

You must create or define with your team a default accounting routine to be used during the accountability.

To verify the Chart of Accounts structure of your, go to the menu [Finance > Auxiliaries > Chart of Accounts] and, if needed, it is possible to add or edit the already existing positions.
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