Applicable tool for seasonal rental managers who report to their owners for a certain period. From the definition of your Commission Model of Accommodations and Fixed Fees charged to the Owner, our system will calculate the amount to be paid to them.

How to start a Reserve Tranfer

Here's how you can make a Reserve Transfer:

  1. Access [Reservations and Bookings> Find Booking];
  2. Locate the desired reservation and click the "FORWARD" button;
    Important: The button may appear as "Pending Payment" too, if you have already passed some of the amount previously.
  3. Adjust the transfer values, if you want;

  4. After define the value the owner will receive for the booking, click on the green button "FORWARD".
  5. Then, set the amount you want to pay to the Owner. It may be the full amount or part of the value it has to receive.

This action will cause the Repost to reach the Product Accounting screen, and thus the Revenue is confirmed to the Owner.


Where do I define the Commission Models?

You can define "Commission Template" within [Catalog> Settings> About Owners].

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In % Commission models, does the system already reduce the percentage of the Sales Channel?

Yes. When the Reserve is made through a Partner, the percentage of commission is deducted from the calculation basis for the Transfer.

Is there any way to automate the Transfer process?

Yes, as long as your business model follows a pattern.

Go to [Catalog> Settings> Owner Settings] and enable the option "Default reserve forwarding automation rule".

We recommend performing this action only when you are practical in the Transfers module.

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